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Spa Club



Ayurvedic Facial

Full spa facial with kansa wand face massage.

Get a natural facelift

- no chemicals - no cutting - no lasers

​Kansa massage gently plumps fine lines and helps smooth collagen layers within the skin.

​$80 - 60 Minutes

Reflexology With Ayurvedic

Marma Point Massage

Your feet work hard. It makes sense to take time to pamper your feet with massage and reflexology.

$80 - 60 Minutes

Detox Foot Massage

​Ayurvedic Kansa Wand


$80 - 60 Minutes

Full Body Kansa Massage With

Extended Reflexology

Massage and reflexology can be so beneficial for people with chronic pain and fatigue, insomnia, stress and anxiety and many other health related issues.

$90 - 75 Minutes

What Is Kansa?

Kansa metal is made from pure tin and copper and is known as "the healing metal" it is considered a sacred metal in India. This metal is known as bronze here in the western hemisphere. 

Kansa Wand Massage 

The Kansa Wand massage treatments are incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating. 

These treatments can help increase your energy levels and relieve stress.

The Kansa Wand helps to naturally detox the body by pulling acidity from the skin. If your skin turns grey during a treatment don't worry - it's just toxins leaving your skin and it's easy to cleanse and remove.