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Thermal Infrared Sauna Blanket Treatment

This is a brand new treatment exclusively for weight loss & detoxification by helping to melt fat with extreme heat and sweating it out through every pore.

​​Body Fat Stores Toxins

FACT: A Leaner Body is a Cleaner Body!

Extreme sweating releases excess water weight - and the sauna temperature helps to melt fat - so you can sweat that out as well! 

Your Head Stays Outside So You're More Comfortable

​Saunas are an excellent way to lose weight but they can feel suffocating when you're breathing in all that stifling blistering air. It almost feels like your lungs are melting, and your brain is overheating.

While your face will sweat because of the heat being applied to the rest of your body - You'll be better able to stand it while breathing in fresh cool air.

 This Treatment Is Available Late!

Book Until 10 P.M. With The 5 Pack!

Do you want to pop the kids in bed and then enjoy some me time?Book it late and lose the weight.

When you purchase the 5 pack you may book after 8 P.M.


Booking Rates

Advanced Treatment Rates:

This treatment takes 75 to 90 minutes.

Single Advanced Treatment:

Members Pay $89  

Membership Is Included Free With All

Weight Loss & Detox Treatments

You may try the first treatment and upgrade to a package deal before starting your second treatment.

Package Of 5 Advanced Treatments:

$399 - You Save $46

Express Treatment Rates:

This treatment takes around 60 minutes.

Single Express Treatment:

Members Pay $79

Package of 5 Express Treatments:

$349 - You Save $46

5 Packs Must be paid in full at the time of purchase.

You may pay in person with cash or credit cards.

You may also pay in advance with PayPal.

Please Be On Time Or Your Treatment

Will Have To Be Shortened.

Spa equipment has to be disinfected after each use and this takes time to do properly. It is important that treatments finish on time to allow for cleaning and preparation for the next appointment.

Thank-You For Choosing Spa Club.

Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps & Aromatherapy Diffusers Help Ensure Good Air Quality During All Spa Treatments.

Just Call To Book 647-456-5110 Free Membership ~ Conveniently Located In East Toronto - Scarborough - The Guild - The Bluffs Areas 


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Weight Loss Body Wrap


Now You Can Lose Weight Lying Down

This treatment is an excellent addition to any weight loss program. You can choose the Advanced Treatment complete with detoxification body wrapping or just grab the Express treatment if you're pressed for time.

​​Sea Salt Slough Off For Express

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt laden with minerals, infused with essential oils, and warmed with fresh detox tea is mixed fresh as you arrive. This is a great choice for a quick detoxification and this body polish is fairly invigorating. 

Wrap It Up For Advanced

Spa Slender Body Wrap Bandages are soaked in the powerful sea salt slough off solution - then your entire body is wrapped so every pore can benefit from it's amazing detoxification properties.

​You will stay wrapped in these bandages - in a Mylar thermal blanket inside the infrared sauna blanket.

The wraps will be removed for your 40 Minute Infrared Sauna Treatment so nothing comes between you and sweating away excess water and body fat.

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