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Spa Club Benefits

Spa Club offers the highest level of relaxation and privacy with clients being served one at a time in my home-based healing spa center. My Western training of full Aesthetics/Esthetician Certification has been combined with Eastern training of Reiki Master/Teacher and Aryuvedic Kansa Training.

ASMR treatments are based on the information studied at the ASMR University and through data gathered over the last few years of being one of the only Spas offering this service. My levels of education, professional training, treatment knowledge base, and spa therapies skill set are updated on a consistent basis so I can better serve my customers.

You may park for free in the driveway - only steps from the side door. You never have to wait to be served or worry about who you may run into. 

Fresh sheets are used for every treatment - bedding is always changed for every client. Doctors office examination contact paper is only used for quick and/or messy treatments.

One guest at a time bookings insure no wait time, no line-ups, you will never be told to sshh, and that you'll never have to listen to noise from other customers while you're trying to relax during your treatment.

Enjoy free aromatherapy and enhanced air quality from the essential oil diffusers and the large pink himalayan salt lamps in the waiting and therapy rooms. 

Only healthy treatments are offered here, so you'll never have to inhale acrylic nail dust or any harmful and toxic hair or nail chemicals.

Your First Visit? 

First time customers can simply use the email form and then pay a PayPal invoice for their full treatment in advance. Please use the email for your PayPal account if you have one set up. Once your payment has been received, your booking time will be arranged.

If you prefer to pay cash you may arrange a short time window to drop off your payment ahead of time. Your appointment will be scheduled by availability as soon as your payment has been made.

Since you are planning to show up on time for your first booking - pre-payment will be a non-issue.

For future visits you may pay in person with cash or with your credit card. You may also opt to pay in advance with a PayPal invoice. Debit is not available at this time and checks are not accepted.

Most Spas ask for a credit card number to secure your booking and will charge you the full amount for missed appointments or no shows - this will not be news to regular spa goers.

PayPal is much better equipped to keep personal information encrypted so this way I will never have to ask for your credit card info. PayPal handles thousands of invoices daily, so you can feel secure that your private information stays private. 

You may re-schedule once if you give 24 hours notice but please be advised that there can be no cash refunds for services that are booked and paid for in advance.

Before You Book It - Please Double Check Your Schedule and Arrange For Childcare.

Please be sure you will be able to make it to Spa Club on time, on the day of your scheduled appointment. If you are a no show there will be no refund. NO exceptions.

Friends & Family

Only clients getting a treatment may be in the space. You may bring a friend if they are also getting a treatment and have booked with you.

Please arrange for childcare during your appointment. This is not a safe environment for children.